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5L Elegance Multipurpose Storage Box (Size M)
5L Elegance Multipurpose Storage Box (Size M)

5L Elegance Multipurpose Storage Box (Size M)

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From our Elegance range comes the Elegance Multipurpose Storage Box; 100% made in Italy and an exquisitely "elegant" display that provides great functionality for your home.

These storage boxes are constructed with high-quality hard plastic to ensure long-lasting use; the lid and base durable and strong to withstand constant handling.

The Elegance Multipurpose Storage Box is available in several sizes, ranging from medium to extra-large, to hold both small and large goods. Store clothing, magazines, books, folders, shoes, blankets or important documents and have peace of mind knowing exactly where they are.

Blend them into an elegant setting such as within a living room, or hide them away in the bedroom; it's up to you on how to want to use the Elegance Multipurpose Storage Boxes, but we recommend taking them as an opportunity to organize a cluttered home and feel satisfied with the result.

Transparent Storage Box
Size: M, L, XL & XXL



Size M (5L) cm 32.5 x 19 x 11 h
12.8" x 7.5" x 4.3" h


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