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Introducing: STEFANPLAST


Stefanplast has a fifty-year history behind. Time has certainly allowed us to build up a comprehensive knowledge of the amazing material we use: plastic. Beyond and against the times, we have always kept the challenge of continuous renovation alive, a tenacious ability to look ahead to the future, imagining and inventing new shapes, different products, interpreting and preempting the needs of our customers. In terms of ideas and innovation, Stefanplast has always been the symbol of contemporary styling.

Since 1964

Stefanplast was set up in 1964. Now with a workforce of 190, Stefanplast is one of Italy's leading manufacturers of plastic articles for the domestic and gardening sectors. Stefanplast has also recently introduced the Peter Pet range of items for household pets. Stefanplast was based on a simple but effective business idea. The company was set up by founder Antonio Stefani who, in the early sixties, saw the tremendous potential of plastic for making objects of daily use. In 1964 Stefanplast's first products, plastic bottle carriers, were totally innovative. These products were a tremendous success and earned the company the necessary financial resources to invest in further technical developments and organisational growth.

Design & Made in Italy

Every day we are committed to improving our production standards and our efficiency, and to making long-lasting and superior quality items. But what is distinguishing is the quality of our ideas, in a continuous and widespread development that involves every aspect of company life: from design to production, from service to after sales care, from logistics to marketing, from dealer support to deliveries, every day and to all regions of the world. 


In June 2010 Stefanplast obtained the ISO 9001 Certification, an international standard that guarantees a product development according to the guidelines defined by the Quality Management System. The commitment of the company doesn't stop and in June 2014 it was added the OHSAS 18001 Certification, that identifies an international Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management. In July 2015 was successfully attained the 14001 Certification for the environmental protection and pollution prevention, achieved through a policy of restriction and control on the impact of our production activities for the environmental safeguard.

Innovation & Green

Green is your garden and so is our work. Stefanplast’s ecological approach is global and comes into every stage of the design and production chain. We use long-lasting materials that can be disposed of in every single part at the end of the product’s life cycle. Our packaging is recycled and can be further recycled. We recover over 30% of the waste materials, both post-production and after use; for quite some time now, everyone is becoming accustomed to recognize an environmentally friendly product also from its heterogeneous colour. 

We save energy and reduce CO2 emissions by means of photovoltaic panels, we take advantage of natural light and use injection moulding machinery with low energy consumption, combined with optimised logistics to cut down external and internal goods handling.



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